August is here and the summer is winding down. Soon the kids will be back in school, but there’s just enough time to take one or two more trips and use some of those well-earned vacation days you’ve been saving up. However, before you leave the neighborhood, here’s a small checklist you can use for better home security.


Make sure the hedges are trimmed and the lawn has been mowed. Thieves are less likely to break into a home that looks well like its well-kept. If you’re planning to be gone for an extended amount of time, make arrangements to have your lawn mowed regularly.

Make sure to have the post office hold your mail. Piling mail can be a clear sign that you’re not home for would-be burglars and identity thieves. It doesn’t take long to go to the post office and fill out the form to have them hold your mail while you’re gone. It’ll all be delivered when you return and you can rest easier.

Make sure all tools and supplies are stored away, especially ladders. This leaves less outside that could be stolen or used to access your home.

Make sure your car is in the garage if you’re not taking it with you. A car that sits unused for days at a time can signal that no one is home, particularly if you plan on being gone for a week or more.


Make sure to turn off and unplug all electronic devices. Power surges can damage the appliances. They can also be using electricity, even if they’re not turned on, slowly running up your bill while you’re trying to relax.

Make sure to have your lights set on timers. By setting your lights on timers, you can give the illusion that someone is home by having various lights turn on and off periodically. It’s important when doing this to make sure that your shades are closed so that potential burglars cannot see in, but can still see the light emanating from your home.

Make sure your security alarm has the correct contact number for you and don’t forget to set it on your way out!

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