There are many factors that go into choosing a video surveillance system to supplement your current home security system. Before purchasing, figure out exactly why you need this technology and where you will mount the cameras.

You should consider the size of your home, the layout and the entry points you wish to cover. The cameras you choose should be able to provide a good view of the prominent areas around the house and should be high enough quality to clearly identify any intruder that may come around the house.

A camera may be hiddn in order to collect evidence on an intruder without detection, or may be placed in plain sight. This is a very effective deterrent to potential intruders and vandals.

Camera Types

  • Box camera – very practical and cost-effective, some with the capacity for interchangeable lenses. They’re perhaps the most commonly used.
  • Dome camera – can be easily mounted in many locations and are not as bulky as the box type.
  • Bullet camera – differ greatly in size, are good deterrents, and can come with the interchangeable lens option.
  • PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) – include monitoring and installation choices, including a panoramic view just from a single unit.

There is some difference between indoor and outdoor cameras in that outdoor cameras are bigger and tougher to withstand tampering as well as the elements. However, nowadays higher-end cameras can function for both indoor and outdoor surveillance. Also, some outdoor cameras can be disguised as common items like a hose reel or a rock.

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