As temperatures drop and the wind begins to blow colder, more people will begin to spend more time indoors. However, burglars don’t take the winter off, and neither should you. Alongside a new security system from Touchton, take the steps to make sure your home is protected at all times with these safety tips.

Secure Doors and Windows

Always remember to lock your doors and windows, whether you’ll be gone for the day an hour or for vacation.

Keep the Lights On

During the winter, the daylight leaves quickly and night comes fast. This can be the burglars greatest opportunity so be sure to have some lights on to act as a deterrent.

Be Aware When You Share

Social media allows us to connect with people faster than ever before, but be aware how much you share. Burglars have been known to monitor social media platforms to determine travel itineraries and when the homeowner will be away. Consider posting your vacation photos once you’ve already returned home as an added safety measure.

Never Let Your House Look Empty

Burglars look for signs of vacancy. If you’re going away, have a neighbor or trusted friend housesit or at least keep your driveway shoveled so that it looks like someone’s there.

Keep Gifts Hidden

During the holidays, keep all gifts and valuables out of view from windows or doorway as much as possible. No need to give a burglar an additional reason to target your home.

Just a few simple tips can help make your holidays safer. For more ideas or information on security systems, contact us at our offices in Joplin, MO.