Christmas holidays are a magical time when families and friends come together to celebrate the season. Unfortunately, home burglaries also increase during the holidays and many families become the victims of theft. Help keep your home and valuables a little safer this season by practicing these three tips.

  • Don’t place your Christmas tree or gifts in front of a window that is easily visible and accessible from the street. This can attract burglars to your home who see the visible presents as easy targets.
  • Be careful of where you place extension cords used to power exterior lights. If you run them through a window, it presents an ideal entrance for would-be burglars to enter your home.
  • Once Christmas is over, be careful in how you dispose of empty boxes. If you leave them outside to wait for trash collection, you might be advertising what new goods are in your home. This is like a shopping list to those who would seek to rob your home.

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