Most people understand the value in securing their home by taking basic safety precautions (locking doors and windows, changing key codes regularly…) and by using home security systems. While this can go a long in helping to provide a secure environment within your home, how do you protect the things you own that are outside your home? Automobiles are one of the first targets for burglary and can be easy targets for would-be burglars if certain precautions aren’t taken in advance.

Remember to always keep your windows rolled up and to lock your car doors when you’re away from the vehicle. Lowered windows and unlocked doors make your vehicle easy prey to those who would seek to steal it or to steal any items that may be inside. For this reason, it’s important to make sure that you don’t leave any valuable items in your car when you’re away from the vehicle. They’re much more secure within the confines of your home where they can’t be as easily found and accessed.

Also, consider investing in a video surveillance system to monitor the outside perimeter of your home. While most cars are equipped with burglary alarms, alarms only indicates a disturbance, while doing nothing to actually catch the thief. A video monitoring system is a great deterrent to burglary and provides you peace of mind knowing that there is something watching your belongings at all times.

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