2015 has been a big year for security system upgrades. With so much new technology coming out, we thought we’d highlight some of the top innovations in the field.

Camera-focused Security Systems

Many companies have been featuring cameras as the focal point of their systems, video-monitoring and live streaming are becoming common in the wide array of security options.

Smartphone Integration

Bluetooth technology, LTE signals and wireless hotspots have allowed the smartphone to be integrated into your home’s security protocol. You can now simply open the app on your phone that corresponds to your system to view live footage, monitor activity and much more. This will most likely increase through time as the features and abilities of our phones continue to improve.

Consumer Conscious

More and more companies have begun to take their user experience seriously. Systems can be programmed more easily and the apps respond much more intuitively than older models. This allows more people to feel comfortable with their system and enjoy its use.

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