The sound of your security alarm can be a frightening experience. While you can set up preventative measures, you can never be fully prepared for an actual break in. Home security is a safety net, but how you handle the situation can play a significant role in your livelihood. Follow these tips on what to do when faced with a sounding alarm.

False Alarm

Without putting yourself in danger, check the display on the system and see if there are any messages. Investigate anything that shows up on the screen. Keep your code memorized so you can manually shut it off if it is a false alarm and your monitoring company gives you the all clear. If you feel you are in immediate danger, head to your safe spot.

Turn on the Lights

By turning on the lights in your home, this indicates to the person breaking in that you are home and likely aware of their presence. This also gives you a visual advantage for maneuvering your house in a hurry. Again, if you feel threatened, don’t take the extra time to flip on all of the lights. Get to safety.

Designate a Safe Spot

Having a plan in place for when your alarm goes off could make all the difference. This room should be a safe haven for you and your family if someone is attempting to break into your home. Comfort any children that are in your care as you take the next steps. Lock all of the doors behind you and sit tight as the situation develops.

Keep Your Phone on You at All Times

Hold onto your cell phone and home phone once your alarm goes off and keep them with you until everything is resolved. Expect an immediate call from your monitoring company, and ask what signal they received. These are trained professionals capable of walking you through the situation and handling the break-in. If your system is not set up to call 911, do so without hesitation. Always stay on the line with an operator, as communication is key during a break in.

Call Your Alarm Company

Whether it was a false alarm or an actual threat, you should call your alarm company after the situation has been resolved. Your system might need repair to get back to normal. They should be able to determine if a technician needs to come to your house to check the system.