A home security system can protect more than just your doors and windows when you’re away from home with the simple installation of a panic button.

A panic button is a great addition to the safety measures you may already have installed throughout your home by providing you instant access to the authorities in an emergency situation along with activing the siren in your home. This is a much faster way than dialing 911 and also provides anyone within ear shot an alert while you wait for the authorities to arrive.

When choosing where to place your panic buttons, think strategic places that are within easy reach during an emergency, but aren’t too visible or so accessible that they’re easily pressed on accident. This might behind cabinet doors or under countertops or desks.

Explain to children the purpose of the panic button and the proper use so that they know only to press it in an emergency.

In some situations you can choose your panic button to initiate a silent alarm so that only the authorities hear it so as to not raise suspicion when pressing it. This is a great solution for offices and schools when discretion may be of importance.

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